Since making a name for himself back in the nineties as Lewis Parker's DJ, Bias has gone on to become recognised as one of the UK's top producers.

Combining Check Your Head era Beastie funk with psychedelic bliss, sultry and reflective soul, forgotten folk, early 70's groove-Pop and a healthy anything goes sample attitude, this DJ turned producer delivers a timeless and smooth amalgamation of beats and sounds that works equally well for those rain spattered window pane moments of solitude as well as those lively endless summer days.

"music that is mature enough to replace a wannabe attitude with enough personality and courage to create something that is overall beautiful."

LoDown Magazine

Time and Tide
Time and Tide

1. This Is The Truth
2. It's Getting Better
3. Sit Back, See The World
4. Squandered Love
5. It's A Must
6. Because You're Near
7. Deceive
8. Promise Me
9. Time and Tide
10. A Poor Player
11. Weekend Wizard
12. Cold Night
13. Enough Time
While We're Young

1. Different at Night (ft. Sam Sure)
2. While We're Young
3. Strange Things
4. The Lonely (ft. Sam Sure)
5. Wherever We Go
Sit Back See the World
Sit Back See the World

1. Sit Back See The World
2. Sit Back See The World
    [Giacomo Remix]
3. Raining Jewels ft. Christina
4. Raining Jewels [Instrumental]
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Once We're Old

1. Won't Do For Love
2. Oceans of Asphalt
3. Left Him Cold
4. Close the Door
5. Implosion ft. Ann One
Worry Beads
Worry Beads

1. Reinstated [Intro]
2. Interlude
3. Street of Life
4. Lovelace
5. Delirious
6. Lucky Strike
7. The Charmer
8. Sunrise
9. Outro
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1. Deceive
2. Deceive [Giacomo Remix]
3. Arabesque ft. Lewis Parker
4. Arabesque [Instrumental]
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Relax & Rock
Relax & Rock

1. Relax and Rock with Bias
2. Drifting on a Memory R.O.W     Part II ft. Lewis Parker and
    Paul Root
3. Drifting on a Memory
    [Flute Instrumental]
4. Rock a Whole Place
5. Raw Emotion
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1. Street of Life
2. Sunrise
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Strange Things
Bias ft. River Nelson
The strange things come and go as River Nelson sits in Toby's Cafe innocently staring out at the madness of New York City.

Corrupt bankers, pure filth and skeletal supermodels patrol the streets like a real horror show. Keep a look out for a rare acting cameo from Bill Clinton in the dream edition of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here." Those scorpians don't stand a chance.
Directed by Plastic Horse / 2010