River Nelson
River Nelson
Recently releasing his album The Rise and Fall of River Nelson, the NYC rapper has received national critical acclaim and radio play, and has garnered the attention of industry and media heavyweights.

River Nelson began his recording career being signed by Arista Records founder Clive Davis, while Mr. Davis was still at the labels helm. For the past several years, River has gained a respectable overseas following, and has also achieved years of success playing the NYC underground circuit. River has played with the likes of Talib Kweli, Common, Jean Gray, and many more.

River is just as much as song writer as he is an M.C. His tremendous ability to lyrically paint pictures, and extract profound truths out of the ordinary, makes not only his music extremely desirable, but crucially important to absorb.
While We're Young

1. Different at Night (ft. Sam Sure)
2. While We're Young
3. Strange Things
4. The Lonely (ft. Sam Sure)
5. Wherever We Go
Once We're Old

1. Won't Do For Love
2. Oceans of Asphalt
3. Left Him Cold
4. Close the Door
5. Implosion ft. Ann One
Welcome to the Canteen
Welcome to the Canteen

1. Get in Touch
2. There
3. Crooked Hotel
4. Acid Days ft. Danny Skilton
5. Life is Not a Rehearsal
6. So Raw
7. Lighthouse
8. Lost Colours
9. Holiday Girl
11.What's the Matter
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Strange Things
Bias ft. River Nelson
The strange things come and go as River Nelson sits in Toby's Cafe innocently staring out at the madness of New York City.

Corrupt bankers, pure filth and skeletal supermodels patrol the streets like a real horror show. Keep a look out for a rare acting cameo from Bill Clinton in the dream edition of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here." Those scorpians don't stand a chance.
Directed by Plastic Horse / 2010