An instantly gratifying sonic experience, the distinctive densely layered sound of Giacomo's music is unusually rich in both its technical detail and emotional depth.

Drawing inspiration from his years of experience working with a variety of artists from diverse musical backgrounds, encompassing Hip-Hop, folk, acoustic, experimental, soundtrack and remix work. Giacomo's unfaltering devotion to his art and dedication in the studio have led to him becoming one of the most interesting and versatile producers out there.

"melodic and intricate... enjoyable from start to finish"

DJ Magazine


1. Three Times
2. Free and Easy
3. Hard to Find
4. Glass Tears
5. Brick Wall
6. Always Black
7. For a Minute
8. Counting Stars
9. More Space
10. Calm When You Call
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1. Wideangle
2. My Machine
3. Changing Times
4. On the Button
5. Tired Hand
6. What Can I Say
7. Beat Number Seven
8. Building
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Welcome to the Canteen
Welcome to the Canteen

1. Get in Touch
2. There
3. Crooked Hotel
4. Acid Days ft. Danny Skilton
5. Life is Not a Rehearsal
6. So Raw
7. Lighthouse
8. Lost Colours
9. Holiday Girl
11.What's the Matter
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Three Times
Something is rustling in the bushes and it looks like a snake with legs carrying a ladder and an alien with a top hat on.

This sounds like a horrible nightmare you would wish upon no one but in fact this video is based on a true story. As Giacomo is applying the finishing touches to his new sonic masterpiece, the sound waves have insane effects on nature that have to be seen to be believed. The nice people at 4Mations gave Plastic Horse a Gold Award for their work on this video.
Directed by Plastic Horse / 2010