From deep in the heart of Eastern Europe, hidden until now, Poland's best kept secret, Noon, makes a dramatic landing on the West's unsuspecting music scene with the release of 'Studio Games'.

Combining his unique programming style with analogue synthesis and samples gathered from a treasure trove of Eastern European delights, Noon's creative output emanates from his studio "33 Obroty", with the finishing touches added at the S-33 mastering facility in Warsaw. This is a sound filled with emotion and totally outside any scheme, the competition can only look on in envy.

"...'Studio Games' is a masterpiece that cannot be ignored"

Marcin Herbert

Studio Games
Studio Games

01. Intro
02. Other Times [Inne Czasy]
03. Full Level
04. Studio Games ...
      [Gry Studyjne]
05. The Art [Sztuka]
06. Emotion Capture
07. Satori
08. Tales of Ordinary Madness
09. Basic Destruction
10. Outro / Navigator
11. Bonus Electronics
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Welcome to the Canteen
Welcome to the Canteen

1. Get in Touch
2. There
3. Crooked Hotel
4. Acid Days ft. Danny Skilton
5. Life is Not a Rehearsal
6. So Raw
7. Lighthouse
8. Lost Colours
9. Holiday Girl
11.What's the Matter
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Studio Games
/ 2008