Hailing from Slupsk in Poland, Nox's music is created in the same electronic vein as Burial, Flying Lotus and Lukid. His music is an atmospheric mix of analogue and digital sounds fused together in a unique way. He adopts an almost 'Punk' approach to music creation where conventions are ignored and quantise is a dirty word.

Not content with making his own music, Nox has become a prolific remixer, working with some of the best European electronic producers such as Robot Koch, Teielte and Noon. Glitchy, dark, head nodding and always interesting, Nox is one producer to watch…..
Dark Side of the Sun
Dark Side of the Sun

1. Innaritu
2. Dark Side of the Sun
3. Hole (ft. Kinta)
4. Solar System
5. Grey Sun (ft. Ailo)
6. Erse
7. Treebeard in the Dead Wood
Treebeard in the Dead Wood
A superb music video created by renowned Polsih director Czlowiek Kamera

Directed by Czlowiek Kamera / 2012